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Sewage Treatment Plant for Apartments

Sewage Treatment Plant for Apartments

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) more than 10% of the world’s population consumes foods produced by irrigation with untreated wastewater from residences. How does this piece of information even matter to us city people driving around in luxury cars and living in sexy highrises? It is because we may be eating vegetables, rice and wheat grown in water polluted with the most God-awful pollutants on earth as well…

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Sewage treatment plant for hospital

Sewage Treatment Plants for Hospitals

Sewage Treatment Plants for Hospitals A hospital in a Developed country generates 400–1200 L wastewater per bed per day. The value of wastewater increases with the size of the hospital, the number of beds and departments. This huge amount of contaminated wastewater, produced in hospitals has to be treated to meet the standards mandated by the state pollution boards (PCB) before it  can be discharged into the sewer drains safely without…

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