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Heat pumps in hyderabad

Hydromo heat pump water heater is a state-of-theart system that employs heat pump technology to provide an efficient and cost effective way to heat water. The system absorbs heat from the surrounding air and transfers it to the water, resulting in hot water and a cooler, dehumidified environment. It is capable of providing temperature-controlled water to any home or facility with zero wait time covering all water touch points.


Environmentally Friendly

Uses R-134a refrigerant, known for its minimal environmental impact

High Capacity

High Capacity

The large storage tank allows the heat pump to operate more frequently than the heating elements, providing higher efficiency and covering operating costs.

Effiecient operation

Efficient Operation

Multiple operating modes maximize efficiency and cater to increasing hot water needs

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Energy saving

Energy Saving

The system operates efficiently, saving energy and reducing costs for the users.


Environmentally Friendly

By using an environmentally friendly refrigerant and absorbing heat from the environment, the Hydromo heat pump reduces your carbon footprint.

High Capacity

High Capacity

High capacity storage means no heating water for every need.


user friendly interface

User Friendly Interface

A large LED touch pad display with intuitive icons and a three-line display that communicates the current status and displays error messages in plain English.

Mode Selection

Mode Selection

Individual backlit buttons allow for easy mode selection.

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Commercial Grade Glass Tank Lining

The Blue Diamond glass coating is a patented commercial-grade formula that provides superior tank protection and corrosion resistance compared to the industry standard glass lining. We best meet the needs of every water heater we produce, ensuring long life for all models.


All Round protection

All Round Protection

The system offers triple protection with a thermostat, high temperature limit, and T&P relief valve.

safe design

Safe Design

The refrigerant and water are completely separated, and the condenser uses rectangular steel tubes.

Temparature control

Temperature Control

Water can be heated up to 65°C on heat pump mode, which prevents the breeding of Legionella bacteria.

Additional safety feautures

Additional Safety Features

The system includes compressor overheating protection, high and low voltage protection, and refrigerant leakage protection.

Model CAHP1.5DI-80-6 CAHP1.5D-120-6 CAHP1.5D-120-12
Model Type / Outdoor integrated heat pump water heater
HP Rated Power W 875
HP Rated heating capacity W 3680
COP W/W 4.2
Electrical Heating Capacity W 6000 6000 12000
Maximum Operation Current A / / 37.5
A 38.7 38.7 71.9
Refrigerant / R134a
Refrigerant charge quantity g 940
Tank capacity L 300 455 455
Net Weight Kg 161 194 194
Tank capacity Kg 461 649 649
Water Temp in efficiency mode oC 65
Operation Temperature Range oC 37~75
Ambient Temperature for HP oC -7~43
Ambient Temperature for Unit oC -15~50
Unit Operation Noise dB (A) 54
Ambient Temperature for Unit dB (A) 58
Demison (LxWxH) mm 910x610x1700 1012x713x1700 1012x713x1700
Anode / Aluminum Rod
Control Mode / Led wire Display (Standard 10m, Optional Maximum 30 m)
Operation Mode / Efficiency, High Demand, Standard
Other Control Functions / Timer, Fault Alarming, Water pump controlling, AES HP
Power Supply Specifications / 230V~50Hz 230V~50Hz 400V 3N~50Hz
Connection Size ~ Inlet / Outlet / T&P Valve NPT 3/4 (Female Thread)

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