Building Eco-Friendly Solutions
Hydromo is a water and energy company for the industrial, commercial and residential segments by offering a personalised approach and helping to build an eco-friendly and self-sufficient environment.
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Developing Long-Term Sustainability
Hydromo encourages and implements long term sustainable solutions using innovative technology by providing water and energy solutions across various sectors.
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Solutions for your Luxury Homes
HydroEn provides clean and sustainable water and energy solutions for your luxury villas, which enhances the value while maintaining the aesthetics of the villa.
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We Are Your Bespoke Water & Renewable Energy Specialists

Hydromo is a leading water and renewable energy company based in Hyderabad. We empower the industrial, commercial, and luxury home sectors with sustainable water and energy solutions.

Hydromo offers a versatile line of time-tested environmental water treatment & wastewater treatment and management solutions. We are the biggest provider and installer of roof solar panels for converting solar power into usable electrical energy to power your appliances and to provide sustainable heating solutions. Our team of engineers work closely with customers to identify and resolve all treatment requirements meeting the regulations & compliances.

Our Key Solutions


We provide water treatment by removing dangerous chemicals and making the water fresh.

Waste Water Treatment

We assist you in reducing fresh water usage by reusing and recycling wastewater

Solar and Renewables

We provide solar solution services with end-to-end support services to customers.

HydroEn for

HydroEn offers clean water and solar energy solutions for your entire luxury villas.

We have you covered because

Customised Sustainable Solutions

Meet client needs and preferences by offering sustainable solutions in a personalized approach.

State-of-the-art Technology

Latest techniques and technologies used to make it the best available.

Value for money

Innovation, durability and low resource consumption. We combine economic and ecological interests and provide you value for your money.

Industrial Expertise

Skilled Specialists in Sustainable Water and Solar Energy.

24x7 Service

End-to-end support services are provided round the clock.


Counselling, advisory and implementation services

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Sectors we've worked

Residential Solutions

We offer water and energy solutions to luxury villas, from pure drinking water to generating your own energy leveraging the sun.

Industrial Solutions

We offer water, wastewater treatment, and solar power solutions using the latest technologies and provide cost-efficient solutions

Commercial Solutions

We offer water solutions to commercial entities  by removing dangerous chemicals and making the water fresh.

Previous installations and projects

Koven Constructions, 240 Apartments

Udaya Crescent, Hyderabad

Sewage Treatment Plant

Growel Feed Factory

Chevuru Village, Krishna District

Sewage Treatment Plant

Cyient IT Park


Sewage Treatment Plant



Sewage Treatment Plant

Vijaya Health Centre


Electrocoagulation, Dialysis RO, STP

Pragati Resorts


Commercial RO Plant

SRK Foods


Boiling Plant Setup

Ayana Convention Center


Commercial WTP and Pumping Solutions

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How we made a difference

Hydromo’s client network is strongly built by the work we have carried out in various segments. We’ve set out to make a change in the sustainable solutions segment.

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