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Safeguard the Future of Water

Because Water has no substitute
Water Treatment Specialists

It is indeed a fact that existence of life on earth is impossible without water and 4% of global deaths and 5.7 % of the global disease burden is caused by infectious diseases related to water. Only 19% of the world population washes hands with soap and water and 26% people drink water that is contaminated. As high as 1.9 billion people worldwide use either an unimproved source or an improved source of water that is contaminated, mostly groundwater and rural piped supplies. Microbial contamination of water is widespread in lower‐ and middle‐income countries with fecal contamination being the most prevalent in Africa and Asia. Annually about 37.7 million Indians are affected by waterborne diseases, 1.5 million children die of diarrhea and 73 million working days are lost leading to an economic burden.

Hence, it is imperative to give special attention to the cleanliness and purity of water. With this objective in mind, Hydromo, a professional water and waste treatment company, emerged in Hyderabad.


About Hydromo

We are one of the leading Water Treatment and Waste Water Treatment Companies, based in Hyderabad, specialized in designing, production and supply of treatment systems, industrial machinery and luxury amenities, in water sector, custom-made to suit our client’s requirements.

We provide a complete vertically integrated range of services combined with an extensive range of state-of-the-art products, processes, and technologies. We offer scalable services covering single-sites through to large multi-projects, resolving customer requirements quickly and effectively by industry-certified standards. We have been steadily extending our operations throughout Telangana & Andhra Pradesh and also in a few African Countries.

What We Do

Water Treatment Process

We offer a complete vertically integrated range of services to assist our customers from project planning, process selection and design stage to the execution and commissioning of the project and even further. We are able to meet all the needs for any project in the water sector. This allows us to be a “one-stop-shop” for industrial, commercial and domestic clients; reducing the number of interfaces as well as offering practical and cost effective solutions. We have products and services that cover all range and are best suited to diverse range of economic groups and various businesses.

ConsultationWe discuss the projects and provide counseling and expert advice on its viability, optimization and execution. We also provide detailed technical speciation of various machinery and other required utilities.
State-of-the-art products:  We provide state-of-the-art products, processes and technologies that include water and waste water treating systems, pumps, industrial equipments and well-being amenities.
Project management and installation: We plan and commission our projects according to your convenience and we make sure we start on time and try to end before time. Our well trained installation team carry out the project with due diligence and therefore you can rely on us for the correct selection and sizing of equipment.
Service and maintenance: We design processes and select products that fit your needs, provide project report, civil construction guidance and detailed project plan. We also deliver all the machinery to the project site and provide detailed method statements to our clients that show all the tasks accomplished by our team.
Additionally an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) with us will ensure that your system will be maintained and serviced by highly professional manpower in the Industry.

Past Experience

Having been in the water industry for over a decade as water Treatment Company and wastewater Treatment Company, we have been able to find the best solutions each designed for a specific problem. We have been able to gather broad range of knowledge of the different processes and equipments used for different purposes. We are able to foresee what products and services will eventually get outdated and research possible alternatives. We know what troubles our customers might face and how to avoid them with our advanced products. These steps ensures that our clients can rely on us for the right product and service, the correct selection and sizing of equipment for their application and hassle free long life of our systems. We do all of this to ensure that Hydromo is recognized as the most advanced and trusted Water Technology Partner.

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We would like to grow as industry leaders in water sector by enhancing our know-how, expanding our product range and services, and widening our customer base all the while adhering to our core values, which makes us ‘us’. We would like to establish ourselves as Global Water and Waste Water Treatment Company.


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We care about our customers

We aim at having long term partnership with our customers by acting as a reliable partner and supporting them throughout the entire operating life of their system. We show initiative and respond to the wishes and needs of our customers, by providing the highest customer benefit, excellent quality, innovative brands and technologies at the least possible cost.

Pro-environmental behavior

Innovation, durability and low resource consumption are of importance to us in relation to our technologies and service offering. We combine economic and ecological interests and thereby take our responsibility for the environment and conservation of resources seriously.

Respect, challenge and develop people

To us, Hydromo is an interactive environment where employees and employers work together to achieve company’s goals. Employees are our greatest assets because they are the ones who work assiduously for our business. We attract and retain the best, provide them with the best and make them feel that they are an integral part of your company’s mission, because they are. We take an active and genuine interest and invest real time to understand our employees at the fundamental level; thus creating an environment for a more productive bunch and of course a greater growth!

Shaping our future

We stand for technological leadership, innovation and quality.
With greater strategic focus than ever before, a strong and experienced leadership team, a high-performance company culture and a clear plan for short- and long-term growth, we are building on the strength of our history to deliver a higher level of customer service, innovation and value — today and well into the future.


Our mission is to “Provide our customers with the best end to end solutions to treat and recycle water at the lowest energy cost”. We would also like to be the most-preferred service provider of economical, customized and advanced products in water sector that stand out in the competitive marketplace.

Quality Assurance

We offer world-class products and services that are safe and environment-friendly at the best value for money to our clients. Hydromo has hand-picked the best of the existing water technology, process and products; and fine tuned it to meet our customer’s requirement and made as cost effective and energy efficient.

Why Hydromo?

  • Reliable and trustworthy
  • State-of-the-art products and technology
  • Compact and effective solutions
  • Top notch quality
  • Best value for money
  • Lowest energy cost
  • Committed to you