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Understanding Water TDS and Its Necessity

What is TDS of Water?

TDS stands for TOTAL DISSOLVED SOLIDS, this deals with the concentration of dissolved substances in water. Inorganic salts which are cations, found in water include calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium, and carbonates, nitrates, bicarbonates, chlorides and sulfates, which are anions. To understand Water & its components, one must understand TDS.

TDS in water comes from natural resources, sewage, industrial wastewater, chemical fertilizers used in the garden and plumbing etc. Calcium and magnesium, commonly found in TDS, can also cause water hardness, scale formation, and staining.

Ideal TDS in water for Drinking

TDS is measured as PPM (Parts Per Million). Any reading beyond 300ppm would ideally require an additional RO Technology (Reverse Osmosis) for the purification of water. RO water purifiers use special membranes that purify a considerable amount of these dissolved solids, to give only pleasant tasting, purified water. 

TDS levels may change as per the source. TDS levels can range between 50-2000ppm. The TDS levels of Borewell are high when compared to those of Tank Water or Municipal Water.  

According to WHO standards below is the TDS chart that needs to be followed. 

TDS In Water (Measured In PPM) Suitability For Drinking
50-150 Excellent
150 – 250  Good
250 – 300 Fair
300 – 500  Poor (Not appropriate to drink)
Above 1200 Unacceptable

Solution For TDS
Reverse Osmosis water purification is the most potent technology in reducing the TDS of water and further enhancing its taste. There is this misconception of RO water purifying completely to remove TDS water but, it is crucial to understand that RO purifiers reduce the levels of TDS to bring it down to acceptable levels, making it drinkable.

Below is a detailed TDS report for reference. 

Water Tds Report Reference

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