Hydromo Designs water Bottling plant

Hydromo Designs & Engineers Water Treatment Plant at a Bottling Water Plant Spread across 1 Acre Land in 90 Days Flat

Hydromo was approached to design and operate a water treatment plant at a bottling plant unit in a popular town in Andhra Pradesh in an area of 7 acres.

Hydromo completed the whole work in just 90 days meeting the client’s financial and environmental parameters!

How did Hydromo Plan the Water Treatment Plants?

In order to design and customize the entire water treatment plant spread over an area of 1 acre, the Hydromo Engineering team visited the site and conducted several water tests.

Based on these tests, they inferred that-

The water treatment plant required water softeners

And it didn’t need a desalination plant.

RO Plants for bottling plants are mandated by BIS and ISI, hence they were included to cut down TDS.

After this, the Hydromo team swung into action.

These works were completed in record time:

A water softening treatment plant was designed and engineered. A RO plant was also set up.

The water treatment plants were designed as per international IWA standards.

Pipelines were laid down to bring groundwater to the water treatment plant- one of its kind.

AFM technology was incorporated for pre-filtration.

A custom-built Ozonation system to destroy microorganisms in source water was built.

Highlights of the Project

  • The water treatment plant designed and customized by the Hydromo team had the following markers-
  • RO and Water Softener Plants plus Booster pumps with 10 HP Capacity installed adhering to all compliances
  • 4X Space saved
  • Water Quality before Treatment – 450 TDS
  • Water Quality after Treatment – 20 TDS
  • Project Completion Time – 90 Days

Maintenance and Support

  • 24*7 Client support: Continuous, uninterrupted maintenance support to ensure Zero downtime for the facility.
  • Design Engineers were present on-site to ensure seamless installations.
  • Preventive maintenance to cover longevity of Components, trouble-free operations, and Zero downtime, put in place.


Hydromo set up and is maintaining the Water Treatment Plant for one of South India’s largest Bottling Plant delivering 700 bottles per hour and operational 24 Hours.