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What are the 5 Things you Should Consider Before Installing Rooftop Solar Panels on Your House?

installing Rooftop solar panels for home

What are the 5 Things you Should Consider Before Installing Rooftop Solar Panels on Your House?

 Rooftop solar panels are the latest way to live sustainably and without paying through your nose to your Discom! Before you convert to rooftop solar panels for a home, do consider these five things.

Many homeowners and businesses in the country are switching to solar power. This involves installing rooftop solar panels for a home for harnessing the energy of the sun into a form that is usable.

Rooftop solar panels have been available for a long time here in the country, but most people have avoided installing rooftop solar panels because of the high installation costs of solar panels and the hassle of maintaining them.

This has changed over the past couple of years. With the Indian government aggressively switching to Green power to reduce dependency on polluting traditional power sources, solar homes are now financially viable. There has been a drop in solar panel prices in India in the last couple of years too, along with significant policy-level implementations by the government.

Cut to 2021, installation of rooftop solar panels is now doable and more and more people are converting their homes into solar-smart homes. There are several solar panel manufacturers in the country and space is heating even more. Needless to add, this is the best time to hop onto the solar bandwagon.

Just keep these 5 things in mind before installing a solar system in your home or workplace.
  1. Get proper technical advice before the installation of rooftop solar panels

Nothing can take the place of proper guidance from a subject expert in solar power. We say this because he will guide you about choosing rooftop solar panels for your homes based on your specific needs.

He will look at your location, electricity needs, area, and your budget and suggest a solution crafted to your needs. This will save you tragic mismatch of technology going forward and you will enjoy all the benefits of converting to solar energy by installing rooftop solar panels. You will also be able to bring down the cost of rooftop solar panels substantially through some mental legwork!

The expert will conduct what we call a ‘Shadow analysis’ of the area where you want to install rooftop solar panels so you get the maximum out of them.

This usually involves checking that there are no external bodies like trees, buildings, or others that may cast a shadow on the solar panels during the day to reduce their efficiency. The rooftop solar panels will also have to be fixed in such a way that they get the maximum sunshine throughout the day at the right angle.

These are highly technical touchpoints and require expertise and finesse.

  1. Always do your own research to buy the right solar products

Solar products are being subsidized by the Indian government by almost 70 % of the cost in certain states, but they still are a massive investment. This means that you need to be on the top of the system. Make sure you spend time to research to understand your needs and find a vendor who will help you plug the gaps. Any solar product that you buy must cater to your needs. Be sure that you do the optimum amount of research before installing rooftop solar panels as they usually last for 30 years.

The more you know, the more will you be able to get a hassle-free solar experience.

  1. Understand what your solar vendor is committed to

Understanding the scope of work your solar vendor is committing to is critical in your choice of solar provider. Make sure that you are clear about-

  • Whether he is offering turnkey solar solutions.
  • Is he committed to providing a hassle-free solar experience to you?
  • Will he handle everything from getting the government subsidy to technical audits, installation and maintenance of solar panels?
  1. Understand the performance of the solar system as a whole before buying

Try to understand how the rooftop solar panels will do the job. Always buy solar products only after you are completely satisfied that they are the right ones for you.

Take more than a single opinion. Talk to multiple vendors and whittle down to one.

  1. Go over the portfolio of the installer

Choose your solar installer carefully. Check his history of work as any lapse in the installation process means that your whole solar installation may just crumble.

In short, weigh-in carefully before committing to buying any kind of installing rooftop solar panels for home so that your solar journey is seamless.





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