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Top Global Water Management Companies in India

Top Global Water Management Companies in India

Today, one out of nine individuals needs access to safe water. As per the reports, 900 million people are living without access to safe water and this clearly reveals that it is still one of the issues that should be taken care of. Water crisis is also a health crisis as access to safe water means an opportunity for improved health to fight diseases causing trouble. Water Treatment Companies play a vital role when it comes to the health of individuals. Usually, Water Treatment does not solely involve in the method of purifying water to make it drinkable but also involves in industry level processing of water to utilize it for varied Industries.

Water Treatment Includes purifying methods like Filtration, chemical treatments like Reverse Diffusion & Sedimentation that make the water the most essential Components for everything to neutralize the water quality.

So, let’s have a glance at top Water Treatment Co-operations that offer domestic as well as industry level water solutions in India.

GE Water

GE Water process and technology is part of the GE group founded in the year 1892 and focused to fulfill the requirement of drinking water for the people in India. The Company has 50 projects and 20 undertaking projects in India to develop the municipal water treatment, industrial water treatment, metal removal and also monitor the quality of drinking water. It’s providing comprehensive Solutions for all Water and Waste Water treatment, water recycling needs and customized solutions for customer’s Solutions with high potency and low operation prices.

Thermax India

The corporate company has over 40 years of contribution in the field of treating waste matter for a sustainable environment. The company has 19 international offices, 11 manufacturing units and 12 sales offices and provides water solutions that include water treatment, effluent treatment, desalination and much more. Thermax provides cost-effective raw water treatment solutions for the reduction of suspended solids in surface water.

VA Tech Wabag GMBH

The Organization VA Tech Wabag GMBH is an Indian multinational company with headquarters in Chennai, India established and commencing its pursuit in the year of 1996 offering its services such as municipal water treatment and industrial wastewater treatment facility in Metros like Delhi, Kolkata, Pune, Vadodara and also countries like Austria, Algeria, Tunisia, Romania, Turkey etc., and Substantially more. The company Founded in Breslau in 1924 which is a pure-play water technology company concentrated on Water Treatment for Metropolitan and Industrial clients and is recognized for its quality and divine service in the field of water treatment. This is an Association which offers Water treatment, Industrial water treatment, sea water desalination, wastewater treatment and sludge treatment services.

SIMENS water technologies

SIEMENS Water Treatment Company provides qualitative service in the field of Water Treatment and Sewage Treatment in India since the year of 1969. It mostly focuses and has its expertise in water treatment through electrification, automation and digitization techniques of water treatment as well as sewage treatment. Specializes in providing world-leading water treatment products, system and services for agricultural and industrial applications.

Volta’s Water Management and Treatment Limited

The company commences its pursuit in India in the year of 1977 as a joint endeavor with Ames Crosta Babcock, UK. The company provides wastewater treatment and sewage treatment for public water supply and few ventures for sustainable development in the environment. Voltas Water management is the Maker of full range water, wastewater and Sewage Water Treatment equipment’s utilizing strategies that are of top-notch standards.

Hindustan Dorr-Oliver Limited

Hindustan Dorr-Oliver Limited is the sole Indian based pioneer company providing water and wastewater treatment in India. It provides numerous products and services like design, building, operating, maintaining, upgrading and proper Management of Water and Wastewater Plants. It additionally provides desalination of sea water in order to provide drinking water in the areas of acute shortage of drinking water. Engaged in providing engineering and turnkey solutions & technologies across diverse business verticals such as Environmental, Paper & Pulp, Hydrocarbon Sector and more.

W.O.G. Technologies

W.O.G. Technology is the global water treatment or sewage Treatment Company operating from the USA, Thailand, Singapore, Pakistan, Portugal and other countries. The company provides sustainable and eco-friendly solutions for Wastewater Treatment withholding utmost expertise & skillful professionals and technocrats which help the company to provide the technology-based solutions to water and sewage treatment.

UEM Clean Solution

The UEM Clean Solution is a Global environmental service company providing safe drinking water since the year 1973. The company’s main focus is providing a genuine solution to wastewater treatment in addition to end-to-end services like the collection of wastewater, treatment of the wastewater, disposal by designing, construction, maintenance and operation of wastewater treatment plants. UEM Clean Solutions focuses on the areas of surface, ground, and sea Water Desalination and alternative water treatment services.

SFC Environmental Technologies Private Ltd.:

SFC Environmental Technologies Private Ltd. is equipped with most cutting edge machinery and technology towards water treatment with Numerous Advance techniques such as C-Tech a radar technology for treating of waste, C-MEM (micro/ultra filtration), C-FLOC, C-Filt, and C-RO (reverse osmosis) for the treatment of sewage and industrial waste. The company is operating in multiple countries as India, Egypt, Vietnam, China, Czech Republic, Austria and Poland. Due to its methods and scientific way of treating the waste, it has gained the preferences of most people. Usage of different contemporary technologies like C-MEM, C-FLOC, C-FILT and C-RO, water treatment is ensured with a noteworthy degree of quality.

ION Exchange India Ltd:

The company was an associate to Asian nation subsidiary of the Permutit Company UK who sold their holding to India and now, primarily it’s an Indian based company. The company is providing services like water treatment, water recycling, Wastewater Treatment and other services which include central drinking water treatment system, rehabilitation and plant automation since its incubation i.e. from the year 1964. The company has many years of experience and the group of experts are delivering their service in a most sincere and decent manner. ION exchange is a Supplier of a wide range of environmental solutions that include Water Treatment, liquid waste treatment & recycle, air pollution management, solid & hazardous waste management and more.


Today, significant innovative progressions in water treatment including monitoring and assessment help to ensure supply of high-quality safe drinking water. The source of the raw water and its Fundamental conditions generally determine the design and the steps needed in the Water Treatment Process.

Water treatment technology adopted the nature’s purifying process and enhanced it by cleaning water at a faster rate with greater control over finished quality and efficiency. When the water quality needs to be high, further treatment procedures would be applied. Hydromo is one of the major water and waste water treatment companies situated in Hyderabad specialized in planning, generation and supply of treatment systems, industrial machinery and luxury amenities for the water sector, custom-made to suit the client’s requirements. Hydromo is structured to supply propelled water treatment plants, RO systems, Sewage treatment plants, effluent treatment plants, water softeners, pumps, rain water systems and a lot more.

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