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Set up of a RO & Water Treatment Plant for Bottling Division at a Food Park spread over 7 acres in Andhra Pradesh


The prospect’s vision was to build a food park, spread over 7-10 acres of land. The food park would include factory setups of Chips, Bottling Plant and Juices. The client’s ask was to design, plan and install RO plant serving capacity 10KLPH and 20 TDS (Total Dissolving Solids) Quality of Water. Based on the PCB compliance and approval, the project was approved for live production in 15 Days.

Hydromo Approach

Regulation & Compliance

For Setting up a Bottling Plant, the water norms by ISI and BIS states that RO Filtration is mandatory.
A water test by the prospect, stated the quality of water in the area of operation.
The test was done by the labs were that were –

  • Recognised by the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change, Gol, New Delhi
  • EIA Consultancy accredited by NABET, Quality Council of India

The test resulted in no requirement of desalination and was suitable for construction.


The consultation was done by the water specialists and engineers of Hydromo. The following were the key points in consultation.

  • Site Inspection – The site where the plant was setup was primarily inspected on the grounds of space, and required size of the bottling plant, Water treatment Plant and RO Plant.
  • Electrical – For Ample and continuous power supply, the required points and units of amps was consulted upon.
  • Plumbing – Pipelines were constructed from the local source of water bodies to the site for treating the water.
  • Construction – Placing the RO Plant, tanks and pumps required an even surface for which the Concrete beds, sheds and other construction works were consulted upon.
  • Seamless design of the Project work flow


Being the leading providers in water and waste water treatment, Hydromo offered their expertise of latest and customized technology. The setup of the RO Plant and Water treatment plant required minimum manual intervention. The operator was briefed about the process of filtration and his role in manual intervention


Our teams successfully installed the RO plant,Water softeners, and Boost pumps with 10 HP Capacity adhering to all compliances. We provide continuous support via our maintenance to ensure 0 downtime for the facility.

Water Quality before – 450 TDS
Water Quality after – 20 TDS
Project Completion Time – 90 Days

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