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Is Bottled Water Overrated?

Many people prefer to buy bottled water for drinking and cooking, even if they are getting drinking water directly in their taps. They feel that the water they get in their ‘Mineral water bottles’ is purer and thus healthier for them and their loved ones.

But, is this true? Should tap water really be avoided as the scourge? Let’s take a much-needed closer look at the alleged benefits of bottled water.

Safety of Bottled Water

In India, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has set the quality regulations for bottled water since 2001. This means it is illegal for any firm to manufacture bottled water without the BIS licence. However, several Gold Standard studies conclude that the enforcement and implementation of mandatory quality standards for bottled water in India are ‘weak’. Besides, there is also a serious lack of uniform drinking water quality standards in India.

In a startling discovery, the New Delhi-based Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) had reported the presence of traces of extremely dangerous pesticides in bottled water in 2003. This led to the formation of a parliamentary committee to address the safety issue of bottled water as a public health concern. Yet, almost 2 decades later, nothing much has changed on the ground.

But, studies show that a majority of Indians continue to trust bottled water, not realising that their bottled water has all kinds of dangerous chemicals mixed in it, perhaps more than tap water!

The Greater Evil in Bottled Water

The biggest cause for concern for bottled water is the presence of microplastics in bottled water, according to the US Food and Drug Association. Plastics bio-accumulate inside the body causing serious diseases like cancers and hormonal imbalances.

Research has proven that most bottled water brands, not just in India but globally have microplastic contamination. Bottled water also contains double the amount of microplastics as compared to tap water.

Micro plastic contamination is due mainly due to the packaging process itself. What also happens quite frequently is the plastic bottles themselves are contaminated with harmful, disease-causing bacteria – this makes bottled water extremely dangerous for people with weakened immune systems like diabetics and older people.

Consumer access to bottled water health information and data on contaminant levels is also quite limited compared with the tap water disclosure requirements.

People also consistently state issues like taste and source for choosing bottled water vs tap water. But, even though bottled water companies claim that their water is natural spring water, the truth is that most of it is simply filtered tap water.

People get taken in by fancy labels like ‘Sparkling water’, ‘Spring water’ and ‘Flavoured water’. But, what they are usually getting is even more dangerous water in the name of convenience.

Cost Conundrum

Consider this- you are paying almost 2,000 times the price of tap water for packaged water that is more often than not, simply filtered tap water.

Instead of getting duped, it’s savvier to install the right RO and alkaline water systems in your kitchens. Hydromo’s water treatment solutions remove almost all bacteria and pathogens from drinking water. After the RO process, to maintain the taste, certain minerals like calcium and magnesium that were stripped during the RO process, are added back… so the water you drink tastes sweeter and on a par with bottled water.

RO systems also have in-built UV filters to clean water more effectively. And then there is the Alkaline system. This system gives cleaner, health-full, high pH water (over 8). Alkaline water is a natural immunity- booster, a regulator of the digestive system, and a super-hydrator. This water forms larger groups of water molecules inside your body and this makes this water very good for your brain, skin, hair, and heart.

You also lose weight easily, have better skin and hair because of the antioxidant quality of alkaline water and remain young for longer.

Why buy polluted and dangerous bottled water when you can switch to Hydromo’s water treatment solutions and alkaline water systems. Call us now at  https://wa.me/91799520171

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