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How Hydromo’s Bespoke Products and Services Can Help You Tide Over COVID 19

How Hydromo’s Bespoke Products and Services Can Help You Tide Over COVID 19

COVID is the worst thing to happen to India in a long time indeed. We are in the midst of an undeclared health emergency. There is a lot of panic amongst people- to grab the right medicines, oxygen and vaccines for themselves and their loved ones. 

Immunity has become the buzzword in these trying times. If your body is able to keep the virus numbers down post-infection, you tide over this dangerous disease with only minor hiccoughs, otherwise, you are ensured a rough, dangerous ride. 

Due to this, multiple products are being released into the market that promise to boost immunity. Most of them are proved as fake!

The urgent need of the hour are products that will really boost your body’s immunity against the marauding virus and not just fake claims.

This is why we are putting out this blog explaining how the Hydromo products and services can improve your overall immunity and truly help you stay strong and healthy in these trying COVID times.

What is immunity?

The textbook definition of immunity is the intrinsic ability of any living being, including humans,  to resist a particular infection by producing specific antibodies or by sensitizing the body’s protective response.

How do Hydromo products and services help boost your immunity?

Hydromo has a slew of water treatment products for healthy living as water is very important for overall health and well being. Foremost among these are Alkaline water and RO treatment systems.

Alkaline water is the biggest bulwark against infections as it is a natural immunity booster:

  • How it boosts immunity is by neutralizing the acidic, toxic waste in your body. Overabundance of these toxins means that your body must work overtime and expend energy to carry out its life functions well. This can bring down immunity levels as the body may have no energy to fight the attacking pathogens. This can make all the difference in COVID times like the ones we are going through.
  • Alkaline water, easily absorbed in the body because it’s a super-hydrator,  allows for a more efficient system of flushing the toxins and harmful substances out of your body.
  • In addition, it improves the performance of your circulatory system, which means better blood quality and more oxygen to vital organs so that they work better and don’t fall prey to the deadly cytokine storm that can get you intubated in the ICU. 
  • Last but not the least, Alkaline water is fortified with a range of essential minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium and trace elements like copper, zinc etc. Zinc as you know is very important for immunity. 
  • All these minerals are extremely essential for maintaining your body’s metabolism. 
  • Since alkaline water is an excellent antioxidant, it prevents disease and slows down ageing. 
  • It also keeps you hydrated and this helps fight respiratory viruses like COVID.
  • Alkaline water can also regulate your metabolism. It is great for reducing weight.
  • Doctors worldwide are pointing out the dangers of obesity and metabolic diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure when it comes to fighting COVID. 
  • You have a much better chance of surviving COVID. if you can control your fluctuating sugar levels and reduce weight. This is what alkaline water does. It can help you reduce blood sugar and high BP both as well help in weight loss, all comorbidities that can affect your fightback against COVID.

Reverse Osmosis (RO ): systems can help you by reducing the pathogen load in the water you drink. It can protect you from many opportunistic infections due to polluted water like typhoid and diarrhea so that you remain healthy. Hydromo’s RO systems add essential minerals back into the treated water. This helps boost immunity too.

Organic food made easily available with Hydromo:

Most of the food we eat is full of chemicals and pathogens because of polluted water bodies. Hydromo offers solutions like hydroponics-soil-less farming and aquaponics- growing fish and veggies together so that your food is fresh, nutritious and completely organic.

This is critical to maintaining your health. 

Reach out to us at  Call/Whatsapp- https://wa.me/917995201717  to operationalize these immunity-boosting services and products without delay. 

After all, health is wealth! 



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