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How Hydromo is one-stop for Water Solutions!!

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How Hydromo is one-stop for Water Solutions!!

Hydromo is one of the leading Water and Wastewater Management Companies based in Hyderabad specialized in designing, production and supply of treatment systems, industrial machinery and luxury amenities for the Water Sector, custom-made to suit the client’s requirements.

Hydromo provides a complete vertically integrated range of services combined with an extensive range of state-of-the-art products, processes and technologies. We offer scalable services covering single-sites through to large multi-projects resolving customer requirements quickly and effectively by industry-certified standards. We have been steadily extending our operations throughout several states in India and a few African Countries

We attend the customer’s needs from the beginning to the end. We provide solutions to the client’s water challenges and consultation as per the requirement. Then, the system would be designed to procure the required parts & electro-mechanical equipment. The system is installed by our adept technicians and is made sure it is functional with desirable results. An annual maintenance contract (AMC) is also provided in case the client wants their system to be regularly maintained for the best performance. Our clients get a complete solution with us eliminating the need to contact various vendors.

Water is life and here at Hydromo, we understand that not just any water can be likened to for drinking; therefore, we have designed scientifically proven methods of purifying water using Reverse Osmosis (RO). Reverse Osmosis, according to our scientific screening methods, remains the most effective method that filters potentially harmful elements from water. The effectiveness of this method makes RO Water highly recommended by healthcare professionals. The benefits of drinking reverse osmosis water are insurmountable.

We not only help produce clean drinking water but we also help ensure that the Wastewater is cleaned and reused for many purposes thereby reducing the constraint for the supply of clean water. For this purpose, we have designed an advanced, low powered, fully automated and low maintenance sewage treatment system called ECOBUD. Treatment of the effluent in ECOBUD is based on natural biological augmentation which requires very low power. It works on a combination of Anaerobic digestion, which is a process in which microorganisms convert organic matter into biogas in the absence of oxygen, in a primary settling tank, followed by Aerobic biological oxidation, clarification and polishing by natural filters of sand and fibres. This system ensures that your sewage water is clean to a degree that it can be used for gardening and for flushing.

With our wellness products, we make sure that you drink healthy water produced by our Alkaline water Ionizer, reduce the water stress by cultivating crops using Hydroponics, protect the environment by using solar energy to heat your water and preserve water by our rainwater harvesting systems. We make sure you leave a lesser ecological footprint and stay healthy. 

With our AMC we immediately assign our service team to check and update us on the current situation of the plant. We design and plan possible changes and repairs required to revamp the system. Once fully functional, we optimize the system for the best possible performance. We then allocate a maintenance team who check the system regularly.     

We offer world-class products and services that are safe and environment-friendly at the best value for money to our clients. Anything you need related to water, Hydromo has got it for you!

We aim at having long term partnership with our customers by acting as a reliable partner and supporting them throughout the entire operating life of their system. We show initiative and respond to the wishes and needs of our customers, by providing the highest customer benefit, excellent quality, innovative brands and technologies at the least possible cost.

Meeting the client’s specific requirements by providing them with the best possible solutions and products, having minimal maintenance, high efficiency and high customer satisfaction is our core strength. Backed by a team of water technology experts along with a strong support team of engineers; we provide 24/7 service to our clients and thus were able to establish a strong base of satisfied customers.

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