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Build a home that is sustainable and future-ready! Build a Hydro-enabled home!

Build a home that is sustainable and future-ready!
Build a Hydro-enabled home!

The changes in climate and the undeniable need to take steps to preserve and conserve resources left on this planet is no hidden reality.

We all know the diminishing resources and increasing costs that one now has to pay to have them. Necessities like pure water, healthy food and electricity now cost way more than they used to and will only get more and more expensive.

But what if we told you, you can now have these resources at your disposal in the most cost-effective, eco-friendly manner while saving the planet AND enriching your lifestyle?!

This dream is now made a reality as Hydromo brings to you specially designed products and services under the umbrella of HydroEn.

From its very inception, Hydromo’s goal has been to bring sustainability to residential, commercial and industrial spaces, working tirelessly to get the best technology and customise it for projects that are big and small.

With this intent in place, we have made it easier for people who are building new homes, be it architects or families to get a chain of services and products through HydroEn – Enabling homes that never run out of the true luxury of life – resources.

Here are some of HydroEn’s Green Solutions

Bring the Luxury of Treated Water to Your Home 

HydroEn’s pure water solutions make pure water a reality using the right, high-end technology systems that ensure perfectly clean and pure water using sophisticated and advanced technology for low TDS, pathogen-free, mineral-enriched, great-tasting water for drinking, washing utensils, and cooking.

With different types of treated water being available for different purposes across the home, it boosts the life of your body, appliances and overall gives great results.

  • Say goodbye to dull, flat hair
  • No stretched, pigmented skin
  • Extended life of fixtures and electric appliances
  • Adds beauty to your luxury home

Have the right water infrastructure, uninterrupted power, green roofs, and indoor vegetable gardens.

Water is customised for pools, and one can swim in sparkling-blue chlorine-free warm water. The tiles will remain clean with our self-cleaning solutions for eco-friendly and healthy swimming pool solutions!

Eco-Friendly Water Solutions

HydroEn makes the utilisation of the blessing rainwater is more feasible for homes.

A sustainable lifestyle for your present and future to yield the fruits of.

Our Rainwater harvesting solutions make the re-use of rainwater stress-free and viable. It collects rain as it falls, stores it for reuse with our customized and flexible solutions for your home.

Green Energy Solutions

  • Solar panels create an abundance of energy and require minimal maintenance. They have grown from an unusual quirk to a must-have feature for many luxury homes. Installing rooftop panels allows one to power their electrical appliances and store excess power for use at night to eliminate wastage of energy.
  • These panels have come a long way in terms of styling, and are designed to blend into any modern design. They reduce carbon footprint and provide a cheap and everlasting source of solar energy to last a lifetime for your eco-friendly, sustainable home.
  • The solar rooftop panels are engineered to provide warm water across your home, it covers water provision in the kitchen, laundry rooms, bathrooms, and swimming pools through our advanced solar heating solutions.

Create Your Own Culinary Garden 

Outdoor landscaping has long been a component of luxury architecture. But for your green home of today, the focus has shifted to the farm-to-table, functional indoor vegetable farms for organic, nutritionally magnified vegetables and fish using our hydroponics and aquaponics solutions. Experience clean eating with fresh produce at your fingertips.

Know Hydromo

HydroEn and the people who work for it come from a place of passion and have a very practical approach when it comes to serving you. From giving you all the information and explaining each aspect of the products that they install and customise technology to meet your needs, they do it all.

Hydromo-HydroEn takes pride in providing exceptional customer service and being available for the entire product life, we leave no room for any discomfort in your experience with us.

Our High-technology Solutions for HydroEn-abled Homes

Water Solutions 

  • Custom Treated Water for every Faucet
  • HydroEn Beauty Potion
  • Digital Ionisers
  • Treated water with Reverse Osmosis technology
  • Pressure & Pumping Solutions for desired pressure at faucets & showers
  • Rain Water Harvesting & Recycling Solutions

Organic Farming Solutions

  • Hydroponics
  • Aquaponics

Pool Solutions

  • Bio Pools
  • Bio Ponds
  • Indoor and Outdoor Pools


  • Purified Air, Fresh Air Systems

Choose sustainable living. Invest in the gold of green!

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