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HydroEn Beauty Potion

HydroEn beauty water is your pick for better, refreshing skin and hair. Beauty Potion is water that has balanced ph levels. These ph levels and astringents help in healthier enriched skin and hair.

The body needs care internally and externally. Beauty water helps you maintain your outer self in the right way. The beauty water is slightly acidic in nature, this makes it to be your own customized micellar water in your customized faucet by HydroEn.

Why Choose Beauty Water

The Ph level of HydroEN Beauty Potion is 5.5. This level is perfect for resetting your skin and hair. The beauty water works as an exfoliator and also a toner. The ph level of the water helps for cleansing, brightening, softening, and hydration of your skin. The gentle ph level makes it the best solution for better skin and hair regime. 

HydroEn’s beauty potion-treated water comes with the tight pH antioxidant, astringent enabled water for healthier and enriched skin and hair.HydroEn provides a customised faucet for the beauty potion. HydroEn provides the outlet of the beauty water according to your need in your luxury villa. 

HydroEN Beauty Water Technology 

HydroEn-abled Solutions have the world’s leading Japanese Electrode Technology to treat the water and make it the customized Beauty Potion. The plant caters from 500 LPH to 1000 LPH. The high-pressure water flow is maintained and managed. HydroEN beauty water comes with added minerals as a higher advantage for enriched skin and hair. The entire beauty water plant setup by HydroEN will be an Outdoor Unit for better management of space in your villa.

Benefits of Beauty Water 

Our body needs maintenance internally and externally. Just like the supplements work for the internal body beauty water enhances your external look. The below are the benefits of beauty water.

  • It energizes your skin.
  • Tightens and lifts the skin.
  • Reduces eye bags and puffiness.
  • Refines pores and brightens the skin.
  • Reduces acne and pimples.
  • Controls oil.
  • Gives lustrous and shiny hair. 

HydroEn also provides 24*7 maintenance which makes the process of enjoying the beauty water in a custom faucet with no issues.


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