Solar Water Heating Solutions

You get warm water for various purposes without using your electrical heating appliances.

We take the entire responsibility for maintenance of the panels and the solar kit too.

Help required for paperwork for a government subsidy for switching to solar power is offered.

Our solar heating solutions use the sun’s energy to provide heat and hot water at various touch points in your home.

As opposed to Photovoltaic rooftop panels, no electricity is generated here.
A typical solar heating system comprises a solar collector that captures the sun’s ray to heat air, water or a heat-carrying fluid. The heated water then gets stored in an insulated tank. This gets transported to various touch points inside your home like your bathrooms, where you now get soothing, warm water without switching on your geyser.

Our technical team visits your villa to understand your exact energy requirements to be able to customize the solar heating solution accordingly. The availability of space on your rooftop is checked and an insulated tank is designed, so the solar-heated water is kept warm.

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