Solar Home Power Solutions

Our PV panels are fully weatherproof and built for a variety of outdoor applications.

We do an extensive on-site, ‘Energy recce’ in which we understand your requirements.

Entire responsibility for maintenance of the panels and the solar kit is on us.

We install solar Photovoltaic rooftop panels on your terraces, after studying the location of your villa, available space and how long does your villa get the sun.

Solar power is an untapped source of renewable energy that never runs out. The HydroEn solar energy kit includes solar panels, metal panel frame with stand, and an inverter where the solar energy converted into DC is stored for use when the sun sets. You can power your appliances and electronics by using this power inverter when it’s raining, for example. Our rooftop panels are designed to produce enough energy to power your entire home. They are also sturdy and robust and can last up to 20 years. They can operate in all daylight conditions and are made with shatterproof, fully weatherproof tempered glass that require little maintenance. We customize the solar energy solutions according to your needs. Our installation time does not exceed 21 days. We help do the paperwork for a government subsidy for switching to solar power

Freestanding solar pergola with glass-on-glass panels

Solar-powered carport with EV charging station

Design Customizations

Hydromo studies your site to strategically place solar panels without compromising aesthetics. We offer various customization options infused with the renewable power. 

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