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Hydromo is experienced in providing construction advice and installation of many of the latest water and waste treatment technologies including membrane, activated filter media, activated carbon filters, clarifiers, aeration tanks, SBR systems, MBBR systems, pneumatic pumps, etc. Our services include preconstruction management, quality management, safety management, constructability reviews, startup and commissioning and construction coordination.

As per the amendments effected to the Building Rules 2012, installation of Sewerage Treatment Plant (STP) has been made mandatory for structures of 10,000 square meters and above.

What we do

  • Process selection, counseling and expert advice on viability of the projects.
  • Project report and detailed project plan.
  • Design of project layout.
  • Detailed technical speciations of various machines and other utilities required.
  • Assistance with mechanical, electrical and plumbing equipment.
  • Chlorination services for disinfection, including pre-commission cleaning, for a variety of water systems..
  • Detailed method statements are provided to the client that show the entire process carried out by our engineers.


Lack of clean water may cause the incidence of diarrhoeal illness which in turn can seriously affect students’ academic performance and attendance rates. One way of avoiding this is by providing schools with safe drinking water and by inhibiting the transmission of harmful water borne bacteria, viruses and parasites.

Hydromo provides services for all types of educational institutions, from single-building primary schools to multi-building residential schools and even colleges and universities. Whether it is one-of a kind remedial work or a consistent water management program, Hydromo has the solution to suit your requirements.

What we do

  1. Treatment of drinking water: Drinking water from unprotected sources is treated to ensure microbiological and chemical safety. There are no tastes, odors or colors that would discourage consumption of the water.
  2. Microbiological quality: Escherichia coli and coliform bacteria are significantly reduced.
  3. Chemical quality: Water meets State guidelines for Drinking-water Quality and acceptance levels.
  4. Sewage water treatment: Used water to be treated in order to be utilized for gardening or other purposes.
  5. Flexible service packages – we can arrange work out of school hours.


Hydromo provides integrated water treatment and hygiene services for the facility management sector and cater to various premises, including public, commercial and industrial sites. From services that assess and control the risk of water borne diseases to cleaning and disinfection of water system, we make sure your premises is safe from health issues.

What we do

  • Cleaning and disinfection of water systems; including pre-commission cleaning of buildings of all sizes.
  • Annual servicing of thermostatic mixing valves with full report provided.
  • Bespoke water hygiene monitoring visits that are tailored to your requirements. You can choose from monthly, quarterly, semiannually or annual visits.
  • Review of your current water management scheme and, if necessary, recommendations for improvements.
  • Training of site staff on carrying in-house monitoring.
Facility management


Adequate water, sanitation and hygiene are essential components of providing basic health services. With the growing shortage of water, health care sectors are either forced to reduce water usage or are incurred heavy water costs.  This has lowered the quality and quantity of clean water being used and has served to aid infections, spread of disease and put staff and patients at risk. Health care associated infections affect hundreds of millions of patients every year, with 15% of patients estimated to develop one or more infections during a hospital stay. Hospitals are by far the most at risk for legionella outbreaks of any building.

Hydromo provides extensive range of water treatment and hygiene solutions for your hospital and medical needs. We ensure that the water is efficiently treated to remove any contaminants and pathogens to meet the highest possible standards. Additionally, with state-of-art sewage treatment systems and effluent treatment systems we provide exceptional quality of treated water which can be re-used for other purposes.

What we do

  • Complete water treatment solution to produce very high quality water for drinking and medical purposes.
  • Soft water ultra clean with no pathogens for Dialysis.
  • Sewage treatment systems to produce clean treated water.
  • Effluent treatment systems to get rid of all kinds of medical contaminants and pathogens.

Hospitality sector have both a strong commercial and hygiene obligation for addressing water issue. Cost is a clear factor: water accounts for 10% of utility bills in many hotels. Most hotels pay, for the water they consume, twice – first by purchasing fresh water and then by disposing of it as waste water. Moreover, with the prevalence of swimming pools, spa pools, showers and other water based amenities, the hospitality sector are at potential risk of water borne diseases if not properly managed and controlled.

Our customers benefit from our extensive knowledge and expertise in integrated water technology. Whether you require sampling of your spa pools, disinfection of your hot water storage tanks or cleaning of kitchen extract, Hyrdomo can help you keep your system clean, safe and compliant – while you focus on keeping your guests happy.

What we do

  • Complete water treatment solution for pure hygienically clean water.
  • Waste water treatment solutions and affective recycling of used water.
  • Optimization of your treatment process for effective cost reduction.
  • Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV) servicing and installation.
  • Testing of water and maintenance of water systems at various water amenities.

To us, home is a cradle of peace and security where you dwell with your loved ones having the least possible concerns. We can help you get a step closer to this definition of home by taking away your concern for clean water. Hydromo provides full range of products that ensure you and your family receive high quality drinking water. We have solutions for softening, disinfecting and alkalizing you water for added health benefits. With us you can be sure that you stay healthy and hassle free.

What we do

  • Complete water treatment solution for your drinking water.
  • O. treatment plant installations.
  • Anti-scalant systems to reduce water pressure and the effectiveness of your water heater.
  • Installation of pressure pumps and Hydro-pneumatic system.
  • Alkaline water systems.


We also cater to the needs of the industry by providing them with complete water treatment solution to produce ultra-pure industrial grade water. We have several effluent treatment systems, each designed to meet specific needs of an industry, to remove pollutants in order to safely discard water according to government standards. Additionally we have blow molding, bottling and various other systems to meet your industrial needs.

What we do

  • Water treatment solution to produce industrial grade water.
  • Effluent treatment solutions.
  • Sewage treatment solutions.
  • Industrial R.O. systems.
  • Desalinization, ­ demineralization and deionization plants.
  • Bottling Plants.
  • ­ Blow Molding Machines.
  • Semi or fully automatic glass‑ cup filling and sealing machines.
  • ­ Pet bottle blowing machines fully semi-automatic.
  • ­ Pouch filling machines.