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WTP (Water Treatment Plant)

Small Water Treatment plants for Luxury Homes


Water treatment technology converts contaminated, dirty water into clean water that is healthful and pure. Water treatment used to be a preserve of the urban Municipal Corporations, but those days are long gone. The new reality Is that even the so-called “Treated” water we get In our taps is dangerously contaminated and unfit for bathing, washing and cleaning, let alone drinking.

it contains salts and unwanted minerals that may harm your appliances, faucets, pipes and fixtures through discolouration and scaling.

Therefore, a dedicated small Water Treatment Plant is a must at your home.


Our Luxury Villa Water Treatment Plants remove excess salts and minerals, chemicals like Sulphates and Nitrates, and harmful chemicals and pathogens so that the ‘HydroEn– treated’ water you get is pure, desalinized, soft, with low turbidity, and no unpleasant odour.

You fall ill less as our WTP plants filter out dangerous water contaminants like pathogens and organic compounds. Your skin looks younger and less stressed, plus your mane gets thicker and shinier. And you get the best water that can be used at various touchpoints inside your home for your overal wellness, beauty, and health while cutting down on the wastage of water as you can re-use water from your kitchen without flushing it down the drain anymore by treating it right on your premises.

Why choose us

We customize the water treatment by checking the type and extent of pollution in the water you receive at your residence. Based on these extensive checks, we design a WTP that works. This system can also be placed under the surface so it doesn’t become an eyesore.

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