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Hydroponics for Luxury Homes 


Hydroponics is indoor gardening without soil. You can use water, peat or any other alternative to soil, to grow lush organic, green, healthful veggies like lettuce, celery, mint, and spinach right on your balconies or rooftops without spending a bomb.


This futuristic, eco-friendly way of growing food allows you to farm your healthy greens at home, it also provides veggies that are fresh and free from chemicals and harmful pesticides.

Hydroponic farming also helps save water, as it requires only up to two-thirds of the water used in traditional farming. On average, you use about one-sixth of the water to grow 8 times more food using hydroponics.

The yields are much higher than compared to conventional farming, as the plant roots don’t have to do any heavy lifting for sourcing the nutrients to grow.

This method also gives you the freedom to enhance the nutrient constitution of your greens by altering the chemical composition of the water. And finally, hydroponics enables you to get organic food right at your home by converting your terrace or balcony into a lush garden which feeds your family with pure oxygen.

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We design and manufacture highly customized hydroponic solutions for your unique needs. We help you maintain the systems so that your own private veggie farm always works.

Call forth the urban gardener in you. Switch to HydroEn’s Hydroponic Gardening solutions now.

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