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Aquaponics for Luxury Homes


Aquaponics is a type of gardening in which you rear fish and grow veggies in a single container.

What happens here is that the highly nutritious waste produced by the fish is used to grow veggies in the same tank, without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Hence, one system, benefits another, allowing you to raise your entire meal in your balcony or backyard if you please.


Aquaponics is a game-changer in the way you source healthy pesticide-free fish and veggies right from the comfort of your homes in a limited space.

The water used for growing food in the aquaponic system is re-used multiple times and thus you can live more sustainably by cutting down on water wastage.

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We design and manufacture highly customized aquaponic solutions for your unique needs. We help you maintain the systems so that your private veggie and fish farm always works.

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