Efficient Wastewater Treatment with
MBR Technology

What is a Membrane Bioreactor?

Membrane Bioreactors (MBRs) are innovative treatment methods that combine a perm-selective or semi-permeable membrane with a biological process. This technology merges membrane technologies such as microfiltration or ultrafiltration with a suspended growth bioreactor. MBRs are currently widely utilized for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, with plant capacities ranging from 20,000 to 80,000 population equivalents.

Our membranes are equipped with reinforced PVDF material with a pore size of 0.05μm and a UF membrane type that is capable of dismissing the microparticles. The membrane size is 40m² with a flux of 33LMH and with an outer diameter of 1.65mm that disposes of sludge of 20g/l. This membrane has a SADm of 0.11m³ per hour and the storage condition is always dry. 

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Mitsubishi Hollow Fiber Others Flat Sheet Others Flat Sheet
Material : PVDF Material : PE Material : PES
Pore Size : 0.05μm Pore Size : 0.2μm Pore Size : 0.4μm
Surface Area : 40m2 (Element) | 2,400m2 (Module) Surface Area : 0.8m2(Sheet) | 320m2 (Module) Surface Area : 480m2 (Cassette) | 1.920m2 (Module)
Number of Element : 60pcs Number of Element : 400pcs Number of Element : 4Cassettes
Flux* : Up to 33 LMH Flux* : Up to 25 LMH Flux* : Up to 27.8 LMH
Capacity* : 1,900m3/d Capacity* : 200m3/d Capacity* : 1,300m3/d
SAD : Min. 0.11m3/m2/hr SAD : 0.38 - 0.56m3/m2/hr SAD : 0.35m3/m2/hr

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Advantages of Mitsubishi Membranes

Mitsubishi has conducted an extensive industry analysis to understand the problems faced by customers and has designed their membranes to provide effective solutions.

Easy Storage Access
storage access

Mitsubishi membranes allow for water storage for up to 36 months straight. The hydrophilic membrane surface will always be in a dry condition, making handling and system

No Need for a Drain Tank
No need drain

Mitsubishi membranes are designed with a high permeate structure for back pulse chemical reaction, eliminating the need for a drain tank.

Less Backwash Required
less back wash

One of the most common problems faced by all machines is the need for frequent backwashing. However, Mitsubishi membranes require only filtration andrelaxation

Integrated Membrane System
integrated membrane

Mitsubishi has designed an integrated membrane system to tackle aeration and is also equipped with an RAS pump. This integrated system enhances the efficiency and effectiveness

Mitsubishi membranes offer a robust and efficient solution for wastewater treatment, addressing common industry challenges and providing significant benefits. Stay tuned for more updates on advancements in wastewater treatment technologies.

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