Water Treatment

We use reliable, environmentally responsible and innovative technologies to turn seawater and groundwater into fresh water, making it reusable.

The impurities are rightly discarded into the drains in an easy process.

It is eco-friendly and helps lower costs, since the technology used is cost-efficient.

The Water treatment plants are used to make the source water appropriate for your specific industrial end-uses by removing undesirable contaminants from water.

Numerous physical, chemical, and biological processes are used in your industrial WTPs. Where we come in is to understand your specific needs and the end usage of the treated water and design a water treatment solution to that. This is done after stringent water testing to understand the quality of water.

Our groundbreaking technologies help remove hardness and dissolved solids from your water streams, meet your ultra-pure water requirements for boilers, chemical testing labs, or micro-electric plants. Raw water treatments are carried out to remove iron which can coat fixtures, foul industrial processes, and also cause foul tastes and odour in products, as well as bacteria that cause severe health problems. The technologies used to treat the water are: Filtration, Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis.

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