WasteWater Treatment and Management

Hydromo uses Industry-first, Gold Standard technology and skilled specialists

The output of water is much cleaner, more environmentally friendly effluent.

Recover around 95% of your liquid waste for reuse, treat and retrieve valuable byproducts from your waste like salts, and produce a dry, solid cake for easy disposal.

The goal of wastewater management is to clean and protect water. This means that water must be clean enough so that it can be used by people for drinking and washing, and by industry for commercial purposes.

Wastewater is any water that requires cleaning after it is used. The need for wastewater treatment systems is mandatory for all industries now. Industries should be PCB pollution norms compliant to be able to operate. Sewage and Effluent treatment technologies are a part and parcel of WWTPs. WWTP collectively plays an important role in treating industrial wastewater. This gives clean, contaminant-free water for reuse, resulting in reduced wastage of water as well. 

Hydromo treats the industrial wastewater using industry-first, Gold-Standard technology and systems deployed in effluent treatment plants that are specifically designed for the collective treatment of effluent generated from industrial facilities in an industrial cluster. Wastewater treatments also ensure that you comply with industry standards and regulations by Pollution boards, drafted to save the planet’s fast-dwindling freshwater reserves. 

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