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Hydromo Uses a Bacteria called Pseudomonas

Hydromo Uses a Bacteria called Pseudomonas for the first time in India for treating Tannery Effluent along with DAF

One of the world’s leading textile manufacturers based in Southern India resorted to Hydromo’s Zero Liquid Discharge solution for recycling their textile effluent.

Challenges Faced in treating Effluent from the Tannery Sector

Tanneries’ liquid effluents tend to be high in organic and inorganic suspended solids and toxic metal salts.
They also tend to have a high oxygen demand.

How Did Hydromo Design and Operationize the ETP?

– With its integrated technologies, Hydromo was able to treat the liquid effluent from tanneries which was high in suspended solids and full of toxic metal salts with a high oxygen demand
– Pre-Treatment with the latest space- saving and result- oriented technology DAF (Capacities: 500 KLD to 2 MLD)
– Biological Aeration using bacteria named Pseudomonas for the first time in India for the reduction of colour, BOD & COD

Maintenance and Support

  • 24*7 Client support: Continuous, uninterrupted maintenance support to ensure Zero downtime for the facility
  • Preventive maintenance to cover longevity of Components, trouble-free operations, and Zero downtime

Highlights of the Project

The First Installation in India using DAF and a bacteria- based biological technology in the Tannery sector
– Psuedomonas was used for biological aeration for the first time
– The turnaround time was just 3 months too.