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Hydromo Designs and Engineers ETP using DAF RO & ZLD technologies

Hydromo Designs and Engineers ETP using DAF, RO & ZLD technologies simultaneously to provide a 360- degree solution in the Pharma industry

Challenges in Treating Effluent from the Pharma Sector

The challenges aggravate because Pharma waste contains drug residues with high biological oxygen demand (BOD), chemical oxygen demand (COD), pharmaceutically active compounds (PhACs) like hormones, antibiotics, toxic substances, surfactants, and volatile organic compounds which are dangerous for the ecosystem and human health both. The Pharma waste thus, if not treated well can result in the development of antibiotic-resistant microbial strains like TB strains that can’t be treated using antibiotics.

How Did Hydromo Design and Operationize the ETP?

The Hydromo team used the following ETP technologies-

-DAF- Latest space –saving, result -oriented technology
– Biological Aeration using bacteria for reduction of colour, BOD & COD
– Reverse Osmosis, including Nano Filtration and Ultra Filtration
– Zero Liquid Discharge with a capacity of 200 KLD to 7.5 MLD to make the treated effluent PCB norm compliant

Maintenance and Support

  • 24*7 Client support: Continuous, uninterrupted maintenance support to ensure Zero downtime for the facility
  • Preventive maintenance to cover longevity of Components, trouble-free operations, and Zero downtime

Highlights of the Project

The ETP designed and customized by the Hydromo team had the following markers-

– DAF, RO & ZLD technologies used simultaneously to design a 360- degree ETP in the Pharma industry
– Treated water PCB standards compliant
– Short Turnaround time of 12 months.