HydroEn Custom Water Treatment Plant

We customize the water treatment by checking the type and extent of pollution in the water you receive.

It's a fully automatic plant with tracking & alert details.

dedicated Water Treatment Plant customised to deliver best water quality

HydroEn caters to Custom water filtration for Villas/homes. Therefore, a dedicated Water Treatment Plant customised to deliver best water quality as per the requirements.

Water treatment technology converts contaminated, dirty water into clean water that is healthy and pure. Water treatment used to be a preserve of the urban Municipal Corporations, but those days are long gone. The new reality Is that even the so-called “Treated” water we get in our taps is dangerously contaminated and unfit for bathing, washing and cleaning, let alone drinking.

It contains salts and unwanted minerals that may harm your appliances, faucets, pipes and fixtures through discolouration and scaling.



Acidic mattle or Beauty water- pH 5.5
Output will work on skin, hair & beauty.

Beauty water has a pH of 5.5 and it promotes soft and smooth skin, assists in skin renewal, gives the skin a healthy shine, and protects the skin from infections. The acid protective layer of the skin shields it from damaging environmental impacts and microorganisms. With beauty water, humidity can be restored and a protective barrier function restored. A pH value of 5.5 is required for optimal skin protection and compatibility.


Neutral, Soft Water- pH 6.5
Used for shower, laundry, Utilities & appliances

This quality of water  prevents scaling/hard water stains on your taps, faucets and fixtures in your bathroom and kitchen ensuring that bathroom fittings look as good as new for a longer period. The system also protects your water using appliances like geyser, washing machine, dishwasher etc. from internal damage and corrosion, thus extending their life.
Skin & Beauty Benefits – 
Neutral water is the exact pH value of pure water and a balanced pH value of skin is maintained, making your skin and body healthy. It maintains skin elasticity by keeping it hydrated. Neutral water is the exact pH value of pure water and 


Alkalised water- pH 7.5
Specifically designed for kitchen faucets the output water is alkalised.

Alkaline water has characteristics that fight ageing (through liquid antioxidants that are more readily absorbed by the human body), colon-cleansing abilities, healthy skin, stronger immune system and other detoxifying characteristics.
Alkaline water neutralizes acid in the body, which can boost energy, cell hydration and aid in digestion too. 

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