Heat Pumps

Air-source heat pumps account for about 75% of all heat pump installations in the US.

Warm water at your beck and call, all day, all across the house.

With Hydromo’s heat pumps, you have access to water at your desired temperature all the time.

The heat pump technology goes into providing an efficient way to heat water with electricity. The air from the surrounding atmosphere is drawn into the pump and deposited into the tank. The resultant liquid is hot water with dehumidified air.

Features That Derive Your Peace

Efficient and Nature Loving

  • Cools and dehumidifies ambient air while also absorbing environmental heat and transforms it into water. 
  • ‘R-134a’ refrigerant that is marked environment friendly
  • Heat pump operates more frequently than the heating elements due to the high capacity storage tank.

Safety, First and Last

  • Thermostat, High temperature and T&P relief valve provide triple protection.
  • Condenser uses  rectangular steel tubes and refrigerant and water are completely separated.
  • Breeding of legionella bacteria can be prevented as water can be heated up to 65℃.
  • Protected against compressor overheating
  • Voltage fluctuation shielded

Intelligent and suitable

  • Large LED touch pad display
  • Intuitive icons to indicate the current operating mode clearly
  • Three line display communicates error messages in plain English for easy understanding of the user.
  • Safety lock enabled.
  • Mode selection through individual backlit buttons.


Instant access to hot water, reduced energy consumption.

Hydromo’s heat pumps, which come to you with aesthetically pleasing designs, use a special heat exchanger design so the machine can reach a temperature of 65 degrees. 6 kW are available for electrical heating. The automated intelligent defrost feature, which operates in extremely cold temperatures, resolves issues like icing and heat exchanger freezing while resuming the system’s effective operation. The pumps are efficient and consume minimal electricity to run round the clock leaving you in peace like after a refreshing bath.

Commercial-Grade glass tank lining

Blue Diamond Glass coating provides superior tank protection and corrosion resistance compared to the industry standard glass lining. The blend is formulated in the same lab that creates the protection for our industry leading commercial product line. This signature formula is customised to best meet the needs of every water heater we produce to ensure a longer life irrespective of the model.

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