Digital Alkaline Ionisers

India has just 4% of the world's fresh water. but 16% of the global population. 23% of the country's population lack access to safe water.

Sleek Stainless Steel design Self-clean technology Automatic Deep Cleaning Strong and sealed chamber to protect Health Standards.

Hydrating with alkaline ionised water is said to promote overall wellness and provide pH balance for a healthier body.

Hydromo Alkaline Water System’s revolutionary under-counter stainless steel smart digital faucet ionizer provides health-full, ionized water for your drinking and cooking needs.

  • Ease of Use
  • pH Consistency  
  • Self-Clean Function
  • Salt Port
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Auto Shut-off Function
  • Flow Valve
  • Auto-Adjust Function

We are enthusiastic about people, health, our products, and the impact our products have on people’s health. Ordinary tap water can be converted into fresh, ionised alkaline water for drinking, strong alkaline water for degreasing, and low pH acidic water for non-toxic cleaning, disinfecting, and beauty reasons. Provides advantages such as boosting immunity. This all-natural, high-pH water also naturally de-acidifies and detoxifies your body. It provides a natural glow and fights ageing by acting as a super-hydrator to fill up your skin and eliminate wrinkles.It lowers bloating while also making you lean and healthy, and it provides all vital nutrients for bones and joints.

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