Digital Alkaline Ionisers

Hydromo Alkaline Water System’s revolutionary under-counter stainless steel smart digital faucet ionizer provides health-full, ionized water for your drinking and cooking needs.

It is chemical-free, pure, and healthy water. Offers benefits like shoring up your immunity. This hundred percent natural, high- pH water de-acidifies and detoxes your body naturally too. Gives a natural glow and fights ageing naturally, as it acts as a super-hydrator to plump up your skin and reduce wrinkles. It also works its magic on dry, distressed hair because of its natural ability to form micro-clusters of water. It simultaneously reduces bloat and makes you slim and health-full and comes infused with all essential minerals like calcium for healthy bones and joints.

Sleek Stainless Steel design and a Full-Coloured Display, which makes the system extremely easy-to-use.
Self-clean technology and Automatic Deep Cleaning features to protect titanium plates and boost system life.
Strong and sealed chamber to protect Health Standards.

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