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How does Alkaline Water Boost Immunity?

How does alkaline water helping immunity boost

How does Alkaline Water Boost Immunity?

Alkaline Water is your water of choice if you want to live healthy for longer by arresting disease and natural ageing.

It has a pH of more than 7. The normal water that you drink has a pH of less than 7, making it acidic. Acidic water makes the blood acidic and leads to many problems and diseases. It doesn’t leave any cell of your system untouched. It speeds up ageing, depletes energy stores and generally dehydrates your system from the inside out.

Alkaline water is the miracle remedy for most of these problems. This is the main reason it is becoming the next best thing in the wellness ecosystem for the discerning.

This ultra-smart anti-oxidising water protects your body from oxidative damage, helping you stay young and disease-free for longer. It also helps you lose weight, have radiant, plump, clear skin, and a digestive system that works without the usual challenges of constipation and gas. In addition, it detoxifies your system naturally and is a kickass hydrator.

Remember, no disease, including cancer can exist in an alkaline environment, and needs an acidic environment to thrive.

This is why our Alkaline water systems that convert your ordinary tap water into super-charged alkaline water at the touch of a button are a manna for your health.

The biggest reason to switch to Alkaline water is that it boosts your immune power. This happens because it is also a Super- Antioxidant. This means it can neutralize free radicals to protect you from diseases. This also has an added benefit of preventing   premature ageing.

Alkaline water’s immunity boosting benefits make it best for you and your family in these COVID-challenged times.

The other reasons Alkaline water is your health ally is because it is –

  • A Super- Hydrator because of its ability to form micro-clusters of water molecules. The water thus is able to replaces water that is lost from your systems quickly.
  • A neutralizer of excess acid in your body. The reason your bodies are becoming more acidic is because of the junk that you  consume and also because of the toxic lifestyles. You don’t move enough and lead a sedentary lifestyle, glued to your laptops or cell phones for long times. This causes your insides to become ‘red’ or acidic too.
  • Your bowel’s best friend and ensures that you have fewer episodes of bloat, gas, constipation, and acid reflux.

We at Hydromo provide enhanced alkaline water, upgraded with electrolytes and minerals. Our best alkaline water purifier in India works in tandem with the domestic RO units. The reverse osmosis technology removes most minerals from the water it treats, and the Alkaline water machines add most of these minerals back to provide healthy and enhanced alkaline water with a high pH of over 8.

These systems also have embedded filtration system that removes contaminants and pathogens, thereby ensuring the cleanest and purest form of energized clustered water.

Hydromo also puts a face to Customer Service. We are there for you for the product’s entire lifecycle. Just call to get the best customer service. We design your water solutions as per your need and expediency.

To know more on how our professional and eco-friendly water expertise can crank up your health and wellness, just reach out to us at



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