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Backend Power Infrastructure, EV Chargers of various charging standards, Charger Installation, Annual Maintenance, Charger Management Software Platform Subscription, and Mobile App are all available as end-to-end bespoke solutions.We are working hard to make EV charging quick and easy for you. On the EZ Charge smartphone app, you may access our increasing network of public EV charging points around the country. Relax and enjoy your electric trip wherever it takes you.

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Renewable Energy

Less global warming is an advantage of renewable energy. This will benefit everyone's health. There is inexhaustible energy. As a result, the economy will thrive with constant energy costs.

Management System

We provide fully customised application development, testing, and maintenance services for central server management systems, as well as assistance with the integration of your EV charging platform.

Fast Charging

Worried about time? With the Hydromo EV charging stations, you will get lightning charging.

High Quality Charger

Hydromo provides high quality chargers that are compact yet powerful. The chargers are very durable and designed for use even in the most challenging outdoor conditions.

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Charging at home

A charger offers several benefits over a 13A plug, including:

  1. Fast Charging: EV chargers may charge your EV more quickly (several times) than a 13A plug point, depending on their rated capacity.
  2. Security: EV Chargers include several built-in safety features that improve overall security.
  3. Access Control: RFID and OTP authorization mechanisms are included with EV chargers. Therefore, you can relax knowing that no one will ever abuse a charging station in your parking lot without your consent.
  4. Smart Capabilities: The majority of EV chargers have features like remote access and control, smart charging, etc. that are not offered by 13A plugs.

You can, in fact, charge it at home. You can use a Type 1 AC charger to charge from an AC outlet, but the 3 kWh charge rate is too sluggish. The quicker Type 2 or wallbox charger is typically installed by auto manufacturers at homes (now free of charge). There are other quicker chargers in addition to these.

According to the Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure, the more costly, larger-battery electric vehicles have a range of 400 km whereas the majority of contemporary electric vehicles have a range of 220-280 km (WLTP).

It depends on the frequency of usage and financial expenditure of the stations. An electric charging station typically costs between Rs 1 lakh and Rs 40 lakh in India.

The typical battery capacity ranges from 20 to 45 kWh. If you charge at home, the price will depend on your state’s electricity pricing, which might be anywhere between Rs 8 and Rs 10 per unit. While domestic rates range from Rs 3 to 8 per unit, charging stations in Delhi charge between Rs 4 and 4.5 kWh per charge. This means that charging your EV at a station will cost you between Rs 80 and Rs 202, but charging it at home will cost you between Rs 160 and Rs 450. You would pay between Rs 300 and Rs 675 since charging outlets in Mumbai cost Rs 15 per unit.

These are the procedures you need to follow, per instructions from the federal government, in order to install an EV charging station in India: first, confirm if there is a sufficient power source; The charging stations will be next. and last, marketing and advertising