Effluent Treatment Plant

Effluent Treatment Plants, also known as ETPs, are specialized systems designed to treat industrial wastewater for the purpose of its reuse. The primary goal of an ETP is to release safe water into the environment, thereby protecting it from the potentially harmful effects caused by effluent.

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Understanding the Need for ETPs

Depending on the industry, the effluents produced contain a wide variety of elements. Some effluents contain harmful compounds, while others contain oil and grease. Certain effluents contain both, such as  cyanide. Degradable organic contaminants can be found
in the effluents of food and beverage manufacturing facilities. Given that industrial wastewater contains a wide variety of contaminants, a specific type of treatment technology, known as ETP, is necessary

How Does an ETP Work?

The ETP operates on several levels, incorporating various physical, chemical, biological, and membrane processes to treat wastewater. The process begins with the collection of wastewater, followed by preliminary treatment to remove large particles. The wastewater then undergoes primary, secondary, and tertiary treatments to remove smaller particles, organic matter, and other contaminants. The treated water is then disinfected before being released into the environment or reused.

Hydromo ETP Plants boast of efficiency and versatility. It operates on several levels and incorporates variou  physical, chemical, biological, and membrane processes to treat wastewater from a variety of industrial sectors. These include, but are not limited to, chemical, drug, and pharmaceutical  production, refineries, dairy, ready mix plants, and textile production.

Hard water removal- STP

Effluent Treatment Plants play a crucial role in managing industrial wastewater, protecting the environment, and conserving water resources. As industries continue to grow and evolve, the importance and demand for efficient and effective ETPs will only increase. Stay tuned for more updates on advancements in wastewater treatment technologies.

Hydromo s Accomplishments: Complex ETPs
Effluent treatment plant

Hydromo has successfully executed complex ETPs forvarious industries, demonstrating its versatility and technical prowess. Here are a couple of notableprojects.

Complex ETP for the Paper Industry

The paper industry is known for its high water consumption and the complex nature of its effluents. Hydromo rose to the
challenge by designing and implementing a complex ETP specifically

Oil & Grease Separator for Service Stations
ETP Treatment

Service stations often deal with oil and grease contamination in their wastewater. Hydromo designed a complex ETP featuring an oil & grease separator specifically for this application in HPCL. This system efficiently separates oil and grease from the wastewater, significantly reducing the environmental impact of the service station’s operations.

These projects highlight Hydromo’s commitment to providing effective and tailored wastewater treatment solutions across various industries. Stay tuned for more updates on our latest projects and advancements in wastewater treatment technologies.

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