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Commercial Aquaponics


Aquaponics uses goodness of water used by fish to grow crops, primarily green leafy vegetables.

It is an adaptable process that allows for a diversification of income streams. It allows crops to be grown in containers where fish is being reared. The method of doing aquaponics is simple. A large tank is filled with water. In this, fish are bred in adequate numbers. The water, which becomes rich in ammonia and other minerals over time from the waste discharged by fish, is then used to grow plants,  solely in water.

This is a continuous process that goes on uninterrupted 24X7.The fish is harvested after every six to nine months. The earning comes from selling both the fish and the vegetables.

Over 95 percent of the water is recycled through this process.The most important facet of aquaponics is that it’s nature-friendly, eco-supportive, energy-saving, and leaves a minimal carbon footprint on the planet, and makes a world of difference when compared to any other form of cultivation.

We help you design the entire aquaponic system, the crop selection and the species of fish to be used, among others.

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