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Alkaline Water- Why Is It Better than Normal Water?

Alkaline Water- Why Is It Better than Normal Water?

A lot of water has flown down the debate of whether alkaline water is good, bad or just plain fad. This article explores this subject in detail.

Alkaline water has been around for ages. It is high pH water. We know that it acts as a performance-enhancing sports drink because of the internal structure that allows it to form large superclusters. 

The water also boosts immunity and energy, fights diseases like cancers and strengthens bones. 

It is also known as speciality or enhanced water as it carries minerals that make it so good for our health and wellbeing.

What is alkaline water?

Most of us understand the terms acidic and alkaline. They refer to the pH level of a water-based solution. The pH scale runs from 0 to 14.  0 is completely being acidic and 14 is alkaline. Water with a pH of 7 is deemed neutral. Rainwater is neutral, lime juice is acidic with a pH of 2, while tap water should be 7 or neutral but it is more than a bit acidic with a pH of 2 in some places in the country. 

This is why alkaline water with a pH of up to 8 or 9 assumes importance. We are taking in so much acidic stuff- water, sodas, junk food etc. that our insides are turning more and more acidic and this is where alkaline water comes to the rescue.

Only spring water ( in certain parts of the world like the Alps) is naturally alkaline, mainly because it contains minerals that make it more alkaline.  The rest of the water has to go through a process called ionization to make it that way. 

Ionization process for alkaline water

Most alkaline water systems that we install at home for alkalizing acidic tap water put water through an electrical process called electrolysis. 

What happens in simple terms is that an electrical current is sent through the water. This separates the water molecules into ‘positive’ acidic ions and alkaline ones with a negative charge. 

Post this, the acidic ions are removed from the solution, leaving more alkaline ions and alkaline water. 

Some water alkaline systems further enhance this alkaline water by adding ‘good’ alkaline compounds such as minerals and salts like calcium and magnesium, which are critical for healthy bones

Alkaline water affects the body’s pH level… and this is why it’s so good for us

Because of its highly alkaline pH, alkaline water neutralizes the enzyme Peptin in your digestive tract, leading to less acid reflux. This has been proven through clinical studies. 

One lab study has shown conclusively that alkaline water with a pH of 8.8 deactivates pepsin, a digestive enzyme found in the stomach, helping beat acid reflux.

Because alkaline water neutralizes acid in the body, it can boost energy and cell hydration, and aid in digestion too. 

It strengthens bones and fights diseases because it flows better inside your arteries. 

This alkaline water is thus so good for the heart, hypertension and diabetes.

One study found that blood and urine pH increased after users drank alkaline water for two weeks compared with a control group of participants who drank normal water. This shows that alkaline water is not neutralized in the body and can work effectively inside your system. 

What has also been validated scientifically is the fact that alkaline water is a super hydrator as the average urine output of the participants on alkaline water was lower. 

This means essentially that more alkaline water is retained by the body compared to normal water. 

Studies have also shown that the viscosity or thinness of blood is higher after exercising in a hot environment with alkaline water as compared with bottled water. 

Having thinner blood can help people get oxygen more efficiently after exercise.

…but that’s not all!

Research on alkaline water and longevity conducted on mice shows that it retards the ageing process. 

And to add- this water is tasty, the food cooked in it is also healthier as well as yummy… 

Alkaline water is a natural skin moisturizer with anti-ageing benefits that are on par with expensive creams. It also guards against dull, dry hair, breakages and hair fall.

Personal, anecdotal evidence point to the efficacy of alkaline water without any doubt. Numerous articles have also been written about the health and wellness benefits of alkaline water, but, sadly not much clinical data is available on the subject. There is an urgent need for research that validates the health benefits of this ionized water properly so that all doubts can be put to rest, once and for all.

Why having your own alkaline water system at home is the best?

Many people buy bottled alkaline water. This can be dangerous in more ways than one. Firstly, you don’t know if the water you are paying for is even ionized or cleaned.

Hence, always go for the best technology -enhanced alkaline water systems —that do the job perfectly in an aesthetic manner -fitted unobtrusively over the sink in your kitchen.

So don’t wait any longer putting your health into jeopardy- get safe, filtered, treated alkaline water at home with high mineral content and super negative ORP value to enhance your life NOW.

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