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Alkaline water for amping up skin and hair wellness

Alkaline water for amping up skin and hair wellness

We have all heard of alkaline water- high pH water that reduces oxidative damage inside your body that leads to premature ageing and the onset of general bodily decline. 

And this is just the beginning. 

Alkaline water has a host of health and wellness benefits that go much beyond just gut health and immune-boosting properties. Evidence suggests that this water can help in keeping your skin supple and youthful and help with hair fall and hair breakages.  

We know you are salivating to know more about this ‘liquid Botox’  that comes risk and surgery-free.

So here it goes-

Succour for skin by fighting free radicals

You must have heard about free radicals. Well, if you haven’t, know that they are the biggest adversaries to a wrinkle-free, smooth complexion. This is because of oxidation. What happens in this process is oxygen chemically bonds with other substances to damage and destroy cells resulting in different signs of ageing and diseases.

Alkaline water helps fight this age-promoting process because of its high negative oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) levels. This means that alkaline water can help flush out free radicals and other chemicals that can cause skin ageing.

Skin hydrator extraordinaire

Proper hydration is extremely important for healthy, youthful skin that is not saggy and wrinkly. In the absence of proper hydration, your skin dries up, especially the outer thin layer of the skin called the epidermis. 

This leads to premature wrinkles, dryness, flakiness, and also extra oil formation that can lead to adult acne. Many people don’t know that when the skin isn’t sufficiently hydrated, it produces more oil as a defence mechanism of sort leading to more oiliness and increasing the chances of adult acne breakouts.

To achieve glowing skin, your body has to flush out toxins. If you drink at least 3 litres of alkaline water, you will ensure quick and efficient hydration that reaches each and every cell in your body -including skin cells that are getting wrinkled by the minute!

Hydration also fastens up the process of removal of toxins that protects skin health.

Helps with hair loss, dryness and breakages

We may not realize it but oxidative damage can result in hair loss, too. The antioxidant properties of alkaline water have been proven to free radicle damage, nipping hair fall and breakage in the bud. 

If you see clumps of hair falling off every time you comb, you need to change your water and go for alkaline water systems ASAP dear, and not just your shampoo, dear. Just remember this and you will remain beautiful longer.

Helps protect your mane from dryness

This happens because your scalp is a part of your skin, the largest organ in the body. Once your skin is healthy and hydrated, your scalp balances out and regions its innate health. This means strong, thick, resilient “Rapunzel” hair.

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