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Aquaponics and Hydroponics

Aquaponics & Hydroponics for your Home – Grow What You Eat

It’s an irrefutable fact that sourcing out fresh and Hygienic Vegetables, fruits have been a rarity in today’s chaotic world. With the growing demand from the market & the excessive use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, there’s a consistent drop in the quality of food that we consume. Introducing Aquaponics & Hydroponics, one of its kind Indoor Farming Methodologies to grow your own food without soil and relish the joy of…

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What are the types of impurities in taking the Normal Water directly

What are the types of impurities and health hazards in taking the Normal Water directly?

Water is a precious resource of this Planet Earth and is available in abundance. It is being the lifeline and the essential commodity for everyday functions has been taken for granted. Water bodies are exploited by industries and apart from utilizing the resource many chemicals and effluents are released back into them, thus contaminating them.  But did you know that even the purest water is impure when it comes to…

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Reasons Best Explained for Recycling of Water Globally

Water is one such finite resource available on the earth wherein a great deal of effort needs to be put in, in order to recycle and reuse water. There have been many myths doing the rounds about the reuse and Recycling of Filthy Water. Some of the myths and facts have been busted here that will make you understand the need to start using recycled water.  Recycling reduces water pollution:…

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