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10 Reasons you need your Villa to be HydroEn..abled

10 Reasons you need your Villa to be HydroEn..abled

HydroEn has been designed, planned and actualized with the aim of Simplifying Sustainable Luxe Living and facilitating a perfect Eco Habitat.

A constant need for Eco-friendly, Green and sustainable living is growing in India. Green villa designs & engineering is not alien to the Indian ethos. Building or revamping a highly energy-efficient & water-efficient home is necessary for health, wellbeing & sustainability as wellbeing, health and quality of life is dependent on these key factors.

Here are 10 big reasons to HydroEn…able your Luxe Villa-

  1. An eco-friendly, HydroEn..abled villa equipped with high-grade water filtration, Alkaline and RO systems will boost the Immunity of you and your loved ones. Alkaline or PH balanced water with a high negative ORP potential of water increases natural immunity and gives you the strength to fight diseases.
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  2. Tap water looks clean but is teeming with impurities. High dissolved solids content in it means all kinds of metals that make water hard, are dissolved in it. Reverse Osmosis is the right technology to reduce the water TDS- bringing high levels of as much as 12000 ml/L to WHO permissible limits of 300 ml/L
  3. Along with metals, tap water also carries high faecal matter contamination loads. This means you may be drinking diluted sewer water. Our HydroEn small Water treatment plants enable the purification of this water- the bacterial, viral, and pathogenic loads that cause dysentery, diarrhoea, stomach infections, etc.
  4. HydroEn enables reverse osmosis-purified water across all points in your villa- kitchen, bathrooms, laundry rooms, showers… This keeps the faucets working fine as the hard water scaling is a thing of the past now. You don’t have hard water scales in your bathtubs, washing machines and the dishwasher, either
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  5. Beauty & wellness is a value that most if not all seek. Water hydrates the skin and makes it  look plump and young. Alkaline water is a super- Hydrator. This means drinking this balanced-PH water will arrest skin ageing and reduce hair fall naturally.
  6. Freshwater reserves of water are depleting faster than fast. This water bomb is on the verge of going off anytime now. HydroEn’s easy-to-use and maintained rainwater harvesting systems help collect water where it falls. Our teams then lay down the perfect pathways for this water so that it can be recycled and used as ‘daily-use’ water. Save water to keep water stress in your lifetime away!
  7. Solar is the energy of the future. HydroEn’s solar power experts assess your spaces for direction and duration of sunlight received and then personalize the best solar solution for your needs. They also do the legwork for the government subsidies…once the panels are up, our team serves you with prompt and reliable maintenance services so you live without pesky outages
  8. Solar panels cut down electricity bills by more than half. They are value efficient, easy-to-maintain and can last upto 40 years. They enable off-the-grid living, a concept gaining traction these days.
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  9. Solar heating solutions also utilize panels but with a few tweaks so that the solar heat can be used to warm water. This means you have healthful, full-pressure warm water available across several touchpoints in your villa now, including your swimming pool, when you want it.
  10. HydroEn Swimming pool solutions also ensure that the water in your pool is kept clean and healthy using filtration and RO.

Cleaner- than- clean treated water across touchpoints, luxurious off-the-grid living, solar panels, drought-resistant landscaping, pressure-full water & more! That’s what HydroEn is

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